We unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence & big data in Life Science Research, with new ground-breaking Saas solutions

TheProphetAI is an innovative Start-Up Company, based in Milan, Italy, that operates within the Life-Science sector.
We offer several AI-based services to address the problems that different players in this market may have.

We think that humans’ skills combined with the capabilities of artificial intelligence will bring us into a new era.
TheProphetAI empowers its customers to exploit artificial intelligence to its fullest potential and opens new opportunities within the Life-Science market.

TheProphetAI Vision

For us data are the new gold, or better, treating data is the new gold; companies and people able to extract knowledge from data have a clear competitive advantage.

The application of A.I. to vertical industries, based on the competencies of the sector, enables the company to exploit this advantage.

TheProphetAI Mission

We want to develop an AI System in order to support all the actors involved in the Life Science field.


Our objective is to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology able to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

TheProphetAI Values

The values on which TheProphetAI is rooted can be expressed in a simple sentence:

We want to be a transparent, reliable and honest company able to create real value for its customer through a successful collaboration committed to innovation.

Our Services

We set up a neural network learning from millions of publications (PubMed, MedXriv, and BioXriv) and different scientific databases. The system is able to suggest which can be the best protein (gene-symbol) to investigate given a simple input: gene of interest and/or disease studied.

It seems simple, but to be able to suggest which genes may be involved in your study, our neural network is trained on almost half a billion interactions. Indeed, the algorithm considers all known pathways, disease interactions, human gene symbols.


This web platform is dedicated to the scientific community, free academic and no-profit researchers. The GeneRecommender can be sponsored country by country.

The sponsorship will allow you to: 

  1. Have a customized version of the website with your brand, increasing your brand awareness and the thrust your customer have on you
  2. Have your products linked to each recommendation (through your webshop) increasing your revenue and your bundling capabilities
  3. Retrieve monthly market insight regarding the activity of the users
  4. Receive all the necessary training and marketing material (in English) to advertise the platform in your country

With the GeneRecommender you will be able to start using AI with:

  • An easy and fast set-up
  • A limited investment
  • A Win-Win customer approach



GeneRecommenderPRO is our system meant to be used by companies working in this sector: proteins. antibodies and ELISA kits global suppliers and local distributors. Indeed, GeneRecommenderPRO can be used by internal salesforces, customer service, or any person who usually has direct contact with customers. Employees who have a license can log into the platform and perform A.I. requests to suggest to customers the most suitable products by inserting Gene-Symbols or product SKU (if integrated).

It can be used in different ways:

  •  Using the web interface service (typing genes/disease to have recommendations for customers).
  •  Integrate the AI into your ERP, CRM, or stand-alone software to have all recommendations for genes/ catalog SKU to suggest to your customers
The GeneRecommenderPRO is a solution for companies willing to use AI at 360°. TheProphetAI will support you in every implementation step.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about TheProphetAI innovative systems, get in touch with us.
We will illustrate every single benefit of using Artificial Intelligence in Life Science.

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