How It Works

For Life Science Suppliers

What if you can have the power of artificial intelligence avoiding all the hidden costs of investing in this field?

We know how difficult can be investing in artificial intelligence and we know how difficult is to find an AI provider that really understands your business. Fortunately, TheProphetAI can be your solution, we provide a ready-to-use AI system designed specifically for companies working in the Life Science market. 

What if you can know in advance what your customer needs?

TheProphetAI with its AI-powered software can help you. The opportunity created by AI are endless, we will help you in understanding your customer needs before they ask for an offer.

What if you can access integrate this directly in your ERP services?

TheProphetAI system is built to be easily integrated into ERPs and CRMs through its API.

What if you can easily bundle products in each offer, suggesting reagents that even your customers do not know they need?​

Artificial Intelligence, thanks to its computational capabilities, is able to find hidden links among reagents. With our system, you will increase your profit while helping your customers in their job.

Our system is a mix of AI skills and competence in research life science.

It combines several Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, a huge amount of data coming from the research community and sales statistic to generate value.

Processing this data, we will provide you with a personalized list of products to suggest to each of customers.

Easy? It’s not…

we set up the system for more than one year, and our customers now have very good results:

  • Save time in studying customer profile
  • Bundle different product when the customer is asking for a certain protein/antibody
  • Foresee the protein the customer will ask for
  • Generation of value for researchers thanks to ad hoc recommendations”

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about The Prophet AI platform, get in touch with us.
We’ll illustrate every single benefit of using our algorithms to boost your sales.