How It Works

For LifeScience Researchers

What if you will be able to receive suggestions from an AI about the research you are doing?

In TheProphetAI we know how difficult and complex is your job, and we will support you with our system. Free of charge you will be able to have the artificial intelligence working for you. You will input some information about your research, and we will suggest you some reagents to use.

What if the suggestions provided will also be linked to scientific references?

You will receive, together with the suggestions, papers and articles describing how the recommended reagent has been used in the past by other researchers.

What if you will not waste your time in looking for suppliers?

Since we think that your time is extremely valuable, for each reagent we will scout the best supplier for you. You can focus on your project while the AI is working for you…for free.

How we do it

Thanks to the expertise that we have in AI and our knowledge of life science we developed a Deep Learning system to support the research community.

The GeneRecommender Artificial Intelligence engine has been trained on millions of scientific papers. The Artificial Neural Network underwent a complex learning process; it considers what has been produced by life science researchers world-wide in the past 30 years, to extract hidden patterns and correlations among genes and diseases.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about TheProphetAI platforms, get in touch with us.
We’ll illustrate every single benefit of using our algorithms to boost your research.

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